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St. Peters Bones the First Pope’s bones have been found.

The first Pope’s bones were found and are on display for the public to see.  People are lining up to view.  Even dignitaries from other countries are flying in to view them including  Vladimir Putin.   Maybe a trip to Rome in the near future.


The Vatican said it would display for the first time bones believed to be the mortal remains of St. Peter, the leader of Jesus’ 12 apostles, to mark the end of the Year of Faith, Nov. 24.


Peter was crucified upside down and died in either A.D. 64 or 67 near where the  Clementine Chapel inside the basilica is named after him


The bones were discovered in the 1940s and have been tested and retested between 1940’s and 1968 and they are convinced that they are his.  Previously, only the box containing the bones was on display but now his remains will be as well.


VATICAN CITY, VATICAN - NOVEMBER 24:  Pope Francis holds relics of St. Peter the apostle, (fragments of bone) for the veneration of believers (for the first time in nearly 2,000 years), during the end of the Solemnity of Christ the King in St. Peter's square on November 24, 2013 in Vatican City, Vatican. Today's solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, the crowning of the liturgical year, marks the conclusion of the Year of Faith proclaimed earlier by Pope emeritus Benedict XVI in the last year of his reign.  (Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images)

Pope Francis holding the remains


Pope Francis is our 266th Pope, so many since St. Peter, our first pope.

SALTED – The latest and greatest sea salted candle- we’ve exceeded all expectations in our first 10 months-We hand collect our sea salt.

My daughter Angie and I started Salted less than a year ago and we’ve exceeded all expectations.  We’re now in 8 shops throughout the country and one in London.  We’re growing quicker than we ever expected so looks like family meeting is in order to plan our next baby step.  We hope you’ll be part of our anticipated, continued growth.
We’ve been producing our sea salt candles in very limited quantities.  The production is limited by the amount of hand collected sea salt that I collect.  It takes 10 gallons of South Carolina Sea water to produce just 5 cups of salt.  It is a labor intensive process but adds so much to our hand crafted soy candles that are in repurposed glass.  Nothing goes to waste.  We are in the process of doing all future pouring with wooden crackle wicks that are also made from driftwood.

We’re so proud of our strides to improve on our original 2012 design.  If you want to place your order for Christmas delivery we will only produce 40 more for delivery.  We have almost exhausted our supply and our returning customers have placed their 2013 Christmas orders.
I would love to hear from you and hope you enjoy our vanilla scented candle offering. If you’re interested in carrying our candles we would love to partner with our fellow followers.  Just drop me a note.  Go to, our web site and drop me an email.
We also made a wonderful bell out of the old bottle tops and put it on our bottle tree this morning.  An announcement to the neighborhood that Christmas is near.

TSA to change the ban on liquids on airplanes

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) banned all containers of liquids greater than 3 ounces from going through airport security checkpoints.  The latest changes will mean an easier ride through security for most passengers.  Merry Christmas Travelers!
Now, a new machine developed may allow travelers to take liquids through security checkpoints, no matter what their size.
The machine, will aid TSA in determining if a liquid is safe or a potential explosive.  The macine has downloaded a reference to bad liquids that allows it to compare analysis of a given liquid no matter the size.  The days of dumping your bottle of Chanel in the trash that is over the current limit of 3.4 ounces are gone.  That 20 ounce coke you brought from home won’t see the trash container either.  They are only a few currently being used so watch for them, but until they roll it out to every airport be sure to check TSA’s site for information on the location you will be flying from. Security officer displays a plastic bag
Also a more risk-based security approach, was put in place during the summer.  The TSA understands that most passengers pose little risk and their one size fits all approach that was put in place after 9/11 needed a review..
You are still only allowed 3.4 ounces of liquid per bottle in carry on bags and you still need to put them in your quart size clear bag (only one bag per person) but during the summer the biggest change has been reduced screening of children 12 years of age and younger. And kids keep your shoes on.  No more hassle trying to put shoes on after exiting security area.  Kids are still scanned.  Also Children will never be separated from parents during the process.
Ever wonder why folks just fly through security?  TSA’s new PreCheck program, allows prescreened frequent fliers who spend almost as much time traveling PreCheck Program ID to make it faster for them to clear screening.  They travel more than they drive their own cars so this process eases the burden on security and lessens their stress.
During the summer TSA put some new advanced-imaging-technology scanners at airports.  If you’re not up for that naked imaging, well those days are soon coming to an end with the new machines. I know I was shocked to see me naked when we went through the Chicago airport. Not a pretty site.  I hope the guy in line behind me didn’t see that picture.  With the new technology if the machine detects something questionable it only posts and outline of a yellow box and your image is just an outline as well.
When you’re getting ready for a trip always check the TSA’s website for the latest updates.  The TSA also offers a mobile app called MyTSA for iPhones.  That will make it easy for me next time I travel should I forget to check the website before leaving home.
Screening is less stressful on the family if you remain patient.  Allow extra time to get through a checkpoint and be ready when you reach the screening belt.

Wear shoes that you can slip off,  have your liquids bag ready and laptop out of your bag.  If you’re wearing a belt be sure to remove it and empty your pockets.  I always try to do this when I get out of the car so there isn’t any last minute rushing.  Remember, if things go south during screening ALWYS treat the agents with respect and don’t get upset.  They are only doing their jobs and abusing then isn’t the answer to resolve any situation.

Don’t forget those amazing waiters and waitresses who work so hard to give you a GREAT dining experience

Whenever we’re traveling or just eating out when home we ALWAYS respect the job our wait staff does for us.  Today we ate lunch at Olive Garden in North Charleston, South Carolina and had an amazing waitress, Holly.  We’ve traveled all over the world and we remember those that stand above the average and those that excel at what they do and Holly is definitely on the short list for great waitresses.

Our daughter Angie and Holly
She was such a delight, and was truly interested in providing a memorable service, which she did above and beyond any expectations we had.
Please remember these underpaid and overworked folks that are many times abused by disrespectful customers.  When you have one that is heads above always let them and their managers know.
When we spoke with Scott, the manager at this location he said that she was new and that he appreciated our compliments about her performance.  Also when an establishment has a survey you can send your feedback after your dining experience fill those out.  These are read by the organization and the staff acknowledged for their outstanding performance.  Also many times, as with Olive Garden you are many times eligible to be in a drawing for a $$$ prize.  $1,000 for our Olive Garden Review we’re going to send in shortly.
Don’t forget to show your appreciation when you tip as well.

Don’t forget their buy one take one.  We brought home a packaged meal for dinner tonight at no extra cost.  Also during the month of November they are offering a 10% military discount. Don’t cook tonight, dine out!

Buy One, Take OneGift Card SpecialMilitary Family SpecialLighter Fare Menu
See Our Menus See Our Recipes See To Go! Menu Get Gift Cards
See Our Menus See Our Recipes See To Go! Menu Get Gift Cards

Anyone know where I can get a Jawbone Up at a great price?

If you’ve been looking for the JawboneUP or Jawbone24 and know where I can get one at a great price please pass it on.  I’ve been looking but $129-$149 is crazy.  I’ve searched all the Black Friday ads and internet and still nothing.
My daughter says this is the latest and greatest activity tracker.  It tracks your sleep patterns, activity level and diet too.  Is it the secret to a healthier you?
It might help though when you’ve been sitting too long it vibrates angrily to get you up and moving.  It also vibrates to wake you in the morning.  These alerts are intended to let you know you’ve slept long enough and if you want to take a nap it will alert you when you’ve rested and should be up at the appropriate time to be at your best; rested.
I know my Weight Watcher followers are wondering how this is different from their Activlink so I hope to review it in the very near future and give you a full evaluation.
Well time for me to get up and move and I don’t have a Jawbone UP or Jawbone UP 24.

The portable personal trainer tracks a  person’s health habits, syncing with an app on a user’s mobile phone to offer  advice about how to be healthier.

Mr Osborne’s tracker, a £100 Jawbone UP, has  a motion sensor inside which stores steps, calories burned, distance, and active  versus inactive time.

The motion sensor even tracks the user while  they sleep – tracking their movement to gauge when they fall asleep, how long it  takes, and how much deep sleep they’re getting.


Jawbone UP! High-tech wristband that monitors  your life


How the monitor works


What it showsWhat it shows

If that wasn’t enough, the iPhone app  prompts the user to take photographs of every meal, and tracks where,  when and  what they have eaten.

Mr Osborne’s black version was first spotted  as he gave evidence to the Treasury select committee two days ago.

He uses it to monitor his sleep patterns and  track his fitness regime, including when he is out running.

In America some trackers are designed to be  worn all the time, even in the shower . In fact, the next evolution of health  trackers are patches, which never need to be recharged or removed.


Health: George Osborne wearing his tracker (ringed) which he uses to help his sleep pattern and exercise regimeHealth: George Osborne wearing his tracker (ringed)  which he uses to help his sleep pattern and exercise regime

Read more:–High-tech-health-tracker-wristband-knows-having-sex.html#ixzz2lTyCkxLd Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

It’s Saturday Morning – Time for a dayation

The weekend is the time to take a daycation or if you’re so motivated check out places close to your home to go for an overnighter.
We’re fortunate that we live in Charleston South Carolina so daycations are a regular for us.
Those in other parts of the country that are facing holiday storms I feel for you.  Don’t get me wrong it gets cold here in Charleston, occasionally but yesterday it was a balmy 77 degree but tonight it’s going to get cold here, maybe even freezing overnight.   The good thing is it will be warm again in the daytime.
Charleston has so many exciting places to visit and restaurants, well you could put on ten pounds in a weekend without even trying.  Hyman’s Seafood Restaurant on Meeting Street is my favorite and it’s just steps away from the Historic market.  Should be a must on anyone’s list.  Say hi to Eli and Brad, they’ll love to visit with you.

If you’re in the area and want to go paddleboarding, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as our family does.  Picture below was one of our first outings but we were able to get the hang of it quickly. This is my daughter Angie and I.  The water temperature right now is only 61 degrees so if you’re going to venture out you’ll need your wet suit for sure.

Slightly North of Broad is another restaurant favorite here in Charleston
You might want to venture out to Shem Creek to watch the Shrimp boats as they come in to the creek with their bounty.  Stop by Wando Seafood adjacent to the creek for fresh shrimp just off the boat or a stop at GeeChee Seafood for fresh fish and you can get shrimp off their boat too.  You might even see the manatee that visits occasionally for his drink of fresh water from the hose.

Or you can take a walk through the historic district along the Battery.  There are so many gorgeous homes, and bed and Breakfast stops too.  This is one of my favorite;

Or just take your friends to the beach like we did last night and it’s butts up!

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